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DINER (2019)

A point and click adventure Narrative game set in a diner starring a spy trapped in a time loop. 

Worked as the UI, environment, and character artist for the game. 



The player can inspect objects and interact with diner patrons by clicking on an object or patron. Inspecting objects will lead to a summary of the object appearing to the player, and possibly the object being added to the inventory.


Interacting with patrons will result in dialogue trees based on the player’s choices. The player will also be able to give objects to patrons or other objects (when prompted).

1. The inventory carries through time loops.

2. 4 puzzles must be solved in order to complete the game.

3. Conversations take up a set number of actions.

vega sprite.png
sirius sprite.png
dipper sprite.png
chef sprite.png
polaris sprite.png